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Organization of banquets, weddings and any events

A list of questions
How many halls and what is the capacity of each?
1st hall 30 people, 2nd hall 50 people, VIP 1 15 people, VIP 2 8 people, summer terrace in the courtyard 40 people.
The cost of a banquet menu per person?
From 3000 rubles.
Starting from what amount does the hall / restaurant close?
Individual approach.
Is there any additional cost for renting a hall?
Can I have my own alcohol?
Conditions are being discussed.
Do you have your own confectionery? Do you make cakes according to the presented picture?
We have our own confectionery, we make cakes on order of any complexity.
Is it possible to create a banquet menu and do not use the standard offer of the restaurant?
How alcohol is served? Alcohol standing on the tables or it is poured by waiters?
According to request of guest.
How many waiters serve each table?
For 10 guests 1 waiter.
Is there a bar?
Is there an individual entrance and exit?
Celebration time (possible limitations)?
There are no limitations, the restaurant is located in a separate building
What are the chairs in the banquet hall?
Soft white chairs.
Can I choose the color of the tablecloth?
No, only white tablecloths.
What equipment is there (microphone, light, DJ’s equipment)?
Microphone, mixer, speakers.
Is there a screen in the restaurant?
Is it possible to make firework in or near the restaurant for guests to see?
Is there any parking for cars? Paid? How many guest or contractor cars can I put? Do you need lists?
Own parking for 10 cars.